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How To Care For Your New Mattress

How To Care For Your New Mattress in Spain's heat and winter time Absolute Beds

If your mattress is over 10 years old ... it is no longer a mattress!

If your bed is more than 10 years old, it may not be functioning at its optimal level. The durability of a bed is affected by a number of factors such as the quality of the mattress and base, the amount of use it gets, the weight of its occupants and, of course, the way you care for it. The average person spends around a third of his or her life in bed. It is therefore important that you not only purchase a quality bed that is right for you, but you also take care of it.

To ensure you get the most out of your new bed or mattress, its quality is maintained and its life prolonged there are a number of points to remember:


  • make sure your mattress and foundation are properly installed in your home
  • be sure to use a sturdy high quality bed frame for your new mattress
  • turn your mattress from end to end and side to side every week for the first few months and then every other month (unless it's a special "no-turn" mattress which should simply be rotated head to toe)
  • vacuum clean your mattress periodically to remove dust and fluff
  • air your mattress once a month (or throw back the bed clothes for 20 minutes in the mornings before you make the bed to allow body moisture to evaporate)
  • abide by the care instructions that came with your mattress or bed
  • regularly check that fittings on the bed are tight
  • use a good quality, washable, protective cover to keep your mattress and pillows free from stains


  • bend or roll your mattress - this can cause irreparable damage
  • sit on the edge of your mattress for a long period of time
  • walk or jump on your mattress or bed
  • let children use your mattress as a trampoline
  • overload or overfill storage drawers with weighty or bulky items
  • over soak a mattress or base when tackling stains (use a dry absorbent cloth or if necessary, a mild detergent with only a little water)
  • leave any polythene wrappings on a new mattress
  • remove the tag (the information will serve as a means of identification should you have a guarantee claim)
  • take a good night's sleep for granted!

At Absolute Beds our beds are made from the finest natural materials so a little consideration to your sleeping investment will ensure your new purchase has a happy prolonged life.