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Choosing a Bed

Choosing a bed in Spain's Costa Blanca chic luxury beds Absolute Beds

Do's & Don'ts When Purchasing your Bed

When purchasing a new bed or mattress it is worthwhile remembering the below tips to ensure you get the right product to meet your needs:


  • shop with your partner, if the bed is for two of you;
  • set aside enough time to do the job properly;
  • identify what you like or dislike about your current bed;
  • check what size you need and what sizes are available (know the size of your bedstead or headboard);
  • lie on the beds (if it's for two, you should try it together);
  • lie on the bed in your normal sleeping position to judge how comfortable it is;
  • check that the bed will match or compliment any bedroom furniture you have;
  • choose a well ventilated mattress and base if you get hot in bed;
  • go large! With a larger bed you are less likely to disturb a sleeping partner;
  • shop for the best value not the lowest price;
  • buy a base and mattress together (the two are engineered to work together);
  • check that the bed will fit inside your home (and tell the retailer about potential access problems you are making allowances for);
  • ensure the mattress and individual fillings meet minimum levels of fire resistance for the UK and have a UK safety label;
  • ask what storage options are available;
  • ask for advice and information on each bed or mattress you are interested in;
  • ask for advice about payment options;
  • ask for advice about delivery arrangements.


  • be embarrassed to lie on the beds (just poking the mattress with your finger will not determine how comfortable it is);
  • buy a mattress without knowing that it will fit into your home and bedroom;
  • leave the shop without asking all your questions;
  • be in a hurry, allow time to choose carefully;
  • buy on price or comfort or design alone, all these factors need to be considered;
  • be put off by the initial "new smell" of a new mattress. This is quite normal and will eventually disperse by regularly airing the mattress and washing the linen.
  • just replace your mattress, replace your base as well. An old base is likely to reduce the useful life of a new mattress as well as the support and comfort it can offer. It could also invalidate manufacturers guarantees.