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Bed Types

Bed Types explained in details so you can make your choice mattress Absolute Beds

Bed Types


Most mattress types are used in combination with one of various choices of bed base. At Absolute Beds we offer a range of different bed bases, frames and headboards from divan sets, adjustable beds, storage bases, guest beds, futons and bunk beds to bed frames and headboards made of brass, leather, fabric, metal, chrome, pine, cherry oak, wood veneer, solid wood and upholstery.

Divan Bed Sets

A divan set is a mattress on a matching or complementary upholstered base. The base is essentially a box (either deep or shallow), fitted with castors for mobility or on legs to create space underneath. It is a popular option in the UK. A deep divan base can also come with useful storage areas available in different configurations.

We offer a choice of either platform or sprung bases for our divan sets. A platform or solid base divan contains no springs and has a rigid top panel over an upholstered base. The top panel is often made from hardboard which provides a firmer foundation. These bases are generally cheaper than beds with sprung bases. A sprung base divan features a complete spring unit (either open coil or pocket spring) on top of a wooden base. It offers the ultimate in comfort and gives a more luxurious feel to your bed by providing even support across the entire mattress. The sprung base acts like a giant buffer which helps to increase the durability of your mattress and extend its life.

Your new divan set can be made even more versatile by ordering it with storage areas. This may be ideal if space in your bedroom is at a premium. Most of our divan sets have either the option of 2 or 4 storage drawers or come in an Ottoman style. If you choose to have storage drawers in your deep divan base they are located in one or both sides and/or at the foot end of the bed. Simply choose the combination you prefer. Ottoman style divans have a platform top hinged to the rest of the box base which can be lifted up to give access to almost all the under bed area. The design is practical ensuring that lifting and replacing the top is safe and easy even with a heavy mattress.

Adjustable Beds

It's the ultimate luxury and adjustable beds are becoming increasingly desirable as beds are used for more purposes such as reading, having breakfast, watching TV and working from your laptop. With just one button you can adjust the bed by raising or lowering the neck or feet end and find the position that's right for your activity. But that's not all; adjustable beds have also been shown to help with a range of medical conditions and aid getting in and out of bed.

An adjustable bed has the potential to assist anyone who feels more comfortable slightly elevated rather than when lying flat on a conventional mattress. Whilst an adjustable bed can be manipulated to get your spine as straight as possible to alleviate aches and pains, it can also place the body in a position which will relieve tension and tightness through taking the stress of certain problem areas.

People with lower back pain may benefit from having the upper body in a slightly higher position than the lower body thereby supporting the curves of the spine and relieving the pressure on the lower back. Tension that builds up throughout the day can be substantially lessened by raising different parts of the body to allow the blood to circulate more effectively. Asthma suffers can benefit from raising the head position and this is also known to help Hiatus Hernia, Sinusitis and Back Pain. Raising the leg position can assist with Varicose Veins, Rheumatic Pain, Poor Circulation and Sciatica. Raising both the head and leg position helps with Muscle Tension, Spinal Disorders and Rheumatic Pain. Ultimately your personal preference for sleep comfort and back support will determine whether an adjustable bed will benefit you. At Absolute Beds our specialist consultants will be happy to assist you wherever possible with the selection of a bed that meets your needs.

Storage Beds

Deep divan beds with storage drawers are the most widely used type of bed base with storage. Most of our deep divan sets have either the option of 2 or 4 storage drawers built into the base or come in an ottoman style. This is the ultimate in space saving and enables you to have everything neatly packed away and out of view in the bedroom.

Deep divan bases come with the option of 2 drawers and end drawers on single beds. Double beds and upwards usually have 2 drawer storage, 4 drawer storage, sliding door storage or come in an ottoman style. Ottoman style divans have a platform top hinged to the rest of the box base (at either the side or the head end) which can be lifted up to give access to almost all the under bed area. Simply choose the style or drawer combination you prefer and you will go home with not only a bed but extra storage space as well.


The Futon is one of the oldest models of bedding in the world. Originally from Japan, it is still a rather modern innovation in the UK. Futons are usually made from layers of cotton or fibre wadding and in Japan they are rolled out on the floor at night with a mat underneath. In the UK, futons are often sold as budget priced sofa beds with slatted convertible frames. Please look at our range of Futon style products available.

Guest Beds / Day Beds / Pull Out Beds

Guest beds can be practical and a great way to save space. There are a variety of types on the market including wooden guest beds, divan guest beds, metal guest beds, captains guest beds, fold up and trundle beds. Whether it folds up, slides from under a conventional bed, wheels away, comes as part of a divan bed or inflates on demand, you will be glad you have it when a guest stays the night.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a popular option for parents with more than one child. They are functional and space-saving as well as being trendy and fun. Come into our showroom or look at our products online to see the range of bunk beds we have available.

Bed Frames / Bedsteads

At Absolute Beds we stock a large range of bed frames or bedsteads from top brand manufacturers. There are a variety of styles to choose from made with a vast array of materials such as brass, leather, faux leather, fabric, metal, chrome, pine, upholstery and solid wood such as cherry wood, oak and walnut. To support the mattress, the most common and hygienic system is wooden slats - either rigid or flexible. The space between the slats on most, cheaper, rigid bases is usually wider than on flexible slatted models. The wider the gaps between the slats the greater the wear and tear on the mattress.


At Absolute Beds we stock a variety of classic and modern headboards in a range of sizes. An assortment of styles is available in metal, wood, upholstered or any combination of these. We have a large range of styles in stock at our showroom ready for you to look at. Customised and made-to-measure headboards are also available. Please contact us for a quotation.