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IKEA Sized Mattresses

IKEA Sized Mattresses Marbella Gibraltar Cadiz San Roque Costa de Sol
IKEA Sized Mattresses Marbella Gibraltar Cadiz Costa de Sol, Absolute Beds brings you a great selection of ikea sized mattresses. Please call +34 675 084 580 IKEA Sized Mattresses - At Absolute Beds, we have a massive selection of mattresses so regardless of what you are looking for. IKEA size mattresses are perfect for continental beds. The IKEA sized mattresses are 10cm longer than British mattresses.

If it is a cot baby bed, a small single mattress, double, king, super king, emperor or a bespoke mattress size, we always shave a solution for you.

If you can?t find the size you are looking for, use our special selector to find the size you want or please refer o our beds and mattress size chart.

We specially produce the IKEA size mattress to match their bed. If you have an IKEA bed, get an IKEA size mattress here.

Choosing the right mattress, pocket spring, latex, memory foam, visco elastic, and open coil has never been easier with Absolute Beds.

With an amazing stock of beds and mattresses in different sizes and styles, from wooden beds to leather beds, we always have something in stock to suit your needs in style or comfort and budget.

All our beds and mattresses are manufactured by the best Brands such as Hypnos, Dunlopillo, Millbrook, Jensen, NaturalMat.... All are made from the highest quality materials to ensure you receive the best product possible.

Note: IKEA is a registered international brand. Their own products are only sold within their IKEA network. We can only provide you with our brand made to match IKEA sizes.

Euro and Continental Size Chart:

Metric Sizes

Imperial Sizes Approx

Size Available (cm)

Size Available


Named in UK
Described as

Named in USA
Described as

Continental Size

75 x 190

2?6" x 6?3?

29.5 x 75

Small Single



75 x 200

2?6" x 6?6?

29.5 x 79

Small Single/Long



80 x 190

2?8" x 6?3?

31.5 x 75

Custom Size



80 x 200

2?8" x 6?6?

31.5 x 79

Custom Size


IKEA Small Single

90 x 190

3? x 6?3?

35.5 x 75

Standard Single

Regular Single

IKEA Single Standard Size

90 x 200

3? x 6?6?

35.5 x 79

Long Single

Long Single

IKEA Long Single Size

90 x 210

3?x 7?4?

35.5 x 82.5

Extra Long Single



100 x 200

3?3" x 6?6?

39.5 x 79

Large Single



120 x 190

4? x 6?3?

47.25 x 75

Small Double



120 x 200

4? x 6?6?

47.25 x 79

Small Double Long

Twin Extra Long


137 x 190

4?6" x 6?3?

54 x 75

Standard Double

Double Full or Regular


137 x 200

4?6" x 6?6?

54 x 79

Double Size Long

Double Extra Long


140 x 200

4?7" x 6?6?

55 x 79



IKEA Double

150 x 200

5? x 6?6?

59 x 79

King Size

Queen Size


160 x 200

5?3" x 6?6?

63 x 79

Euro King Size


IKEA King Size

180 x 200

6? x 6?6?

71 x 79

Super King

King Size

IKEA Super King

200 x 200

6?6" x 6?6?

79 x 79


Californian King Size


E&OE Measurements are given for indication only.

IKEA Sized Mattresses

IKEA Sized Mattresses Marbella Gibraltar Cadiz San Roque Costa de Sol