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Komfi Mattresses

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Komfi Mattresses

Komfi Mattresses

Komfi Mattresses Momory Foam Eco Zen Mattresses at Absolute Beds. Komfi mattresses available in all standard sizes. Komfi mattress provides superior support, comfort and pressure relief Komfi uses high quality memory foam. Foam is a polymer-based product and although not naturally occurring.

Due to its cell structure and air content, foam, is a naturally breathable material. It is also highly workable and can be easily adapted to include channels and air vents. This promotes greater airflow through and around the mattress which helps to disperse moisture away from the body for a fresher, cooler sleep.

Komfi Memory Foam Mattresses gives you good night's sleep. Memory foam moulds to the shape of the individual and provides the anatomically correct sleeping position. Memory Foam Mattress provides unrivalled 'edge to edge' support and superior relief. Foam is more hygienic and the recognized standard for healthcare. Foam is naturally breathable and can be easily adapted to promote greater airflow and ventilation. Fusing different visco foams together with varying hardness & softness ratings can create comfort with unique support for back conditions.

Some mattresses are designed with free-flowing air channels. This helps to improve ventilation and can also provide specific comfort zones to some models to offer different feels & ratings.

All Komfi mattresses are designed to last but it's worth remembering that the higher the density, the better the longevity of foams cell structures; providing many years of support & comfort.

Optimum use of visco memory foam with the correct base foam is vital in terms of support and comfort. It's all about finding the right combination memory foam and high resilient foam to give you the exact type of mattress you are looking for. As such thorough pressure mapping and testing is an essential stage in all mattress development.

The pressure relieving Komfi mattress is available in all standard bed sizes ( British and Continental ) , is suitable for use with all bed bases such as divan, slatted and adjustable and is manufactured in the UK from the highest quality material.

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