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Mammoth Health Mattresses

Mammoth Healthcare & Backcare Performance Mattresses Collection.

Mammoth Health Mattresses

Mammoth Health Mattresses

Mammoth performance mattresses collection at Absolute Beds. Mammoth healthcare mattresses best price deal.
Absolute Beds is delighted to introducing British company Mammoth, one of the world's leading authorities in biological performance and recovery.  Mammoth mattresses are perfect for people with Aches and pains, general health enthusiasts or anyone who needs a wonderful night's sleep!

Mammoth mattresses ? the ultimate health mattresses ? Good for sports world, good for domestic use, good for medicals. Mammoth High specification foam mattresses endorsed by the chiropractic Patients Association, the department of Health and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.


Mammoth ? A Range of revolutionary mattresses, constructed using medically approved High-specification Foam.  The High-Specification foam has been endorsed by multiple heath organisations, including the Department of Health. Boasting V-Cut Castellation and cooling air flow channels ? proven to relieve pressure and disperse heat and moisture more efficiently than other mattresses, a Mammoth will ensure you do not get too hot and will help keep you truly comfortable. 


Mammoth mattresses castellated with 3 Posture Zones to support the body where it is most needed. Mattresses are designed from top to toe with back care and health in mind. Mammoth's zoned design originates within British and US spinal injury and orthopaedic units as it aligns the spine like no other mattress.


Mammoth mattresses are finished off with a Tencel 4-way stretch cover that is hypo-allergenic, made from sustainable, natural resources ? ensuring the mattress moulds to your body perfectly and reduce pressure and align the spine for perfect posture. This cover helps to absorbs more moisture than cotton and dries more quickly, helping to control humidity and body temperature in bed. It contains  no pesticides or agricultural chemicals. 

What makes Mammoth Mattresses so special for you....
  • Superior Postural Support and Back care
  • Optimum temperature regulations
  • Moisture release
  • Correct Spinal alignment
  • Anti-partner disturbance
  • Endorsed by Chiropractic Patients Associations
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable outer cover
  • Anti Bed Bug

Olympians Love Mammoth Mattresses.....

Mammoth has shown great benefits within the sports and athletics worlds, with many sportsmen and Olympians using this mattress as part of their preparation for 2012. The superior night's sleep that they have gained from using this mattress has allowed them to train longer and harder. Including Louis Deacon (England and Leicester Tigers Second Row), Joel Jameson (Elite Ironman Athlete) and Liz Yelling (Team GB Marathon Runner).