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Single or Split Mattress Design
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Akva Waterbed Soft Side And Hard Side Mattress

Akva waterbed models - from Basic to Premium design - each have their own strengths, which depend entirely on your requirements and wishes.

Therefore you should begin by choosing the bed model that suits you best.

Then select the degree of damping of the mattress according to your wishes in terms of support and stabilization. If a two-part mattress is desired, a different damping can be selected separately for each side.

Finally, select one of the two types of safety film.

Single or Split Mattress Structure

Akva waterbed has both single and split mattresses good option for them who have a weight difference between you and your partner or if you would prefers individual temperature settings or stabilization levels on either side.

Akva water bed split mattress has a soft divider. A soft divider separates the two mattresses. Dividers are available in soft/hard foam or filled with water or air and covered in vinyl. A super-flex cover is accessible for the divider which can be cleaned, just like the mattress, with some vinyl wash.

Akva Single Mattress 

One piece (uno) or two-piece (dual)                             


Joint Stabilization

In the single mattress structure there is 1 heating element with joint stabilization.
It is also possible to order, a solid wedge separates with a coating of super-flex as standard or optional equipment. Both the wedge separator and the mattress are washable.

Akva Split Mattress

2 separate heating elements
Separate stabilization
Separation wedge in foam or vinyl with water/air


Follows the mattress or follows the foam edge     
Soft Side
The water mattress is lying in a strong safety liner that captures water if spilled or in case of leakage.

Choose from the following variants:   

Follows the foam edge
Fits Soft and Deco

Follows the foam egde
Fits Allround and Inside

Follows the mattress

Akva  Waterbed Hardside Safety liner Water Mattress Specification

Single or Split Mattress Structure

The mattresses are available as a one-piece (uno) or two pieces (dual). The dual systems are advantageous if your partner is much more "stable" or lighter than you are, or if you want different temperature and stabilization of each side.

Single mattress (Uno-system)                Split mattress (Dual-system)
Hardside liner
Upright sides

The water mattress is lying in a strong safety liner that captures water if spilled or in case of leakage.

Akva Waterbed Motion advice:
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Mattress Assistance

Single or Split Mattress Design