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Water Beds

Akva Waterbed has a various collection of Waterbed at Absolute Beds
Waterbed has a various collection of Waterbeds in all standard size differnt leather,fabric or wood samples with defferent choice of base style. Water Beds -

Introduction of Waterbed

Absolute beds would like to introduce Waterbeds that believe us as  tremendous therapeutic advantage accompanying with sleeping on water. It is after all, 60% of our body mass. It is deeply relaxing, leading to an improved quality of sleep.

Did you know that baby blue whales are born from an amniotic sac filled with several hundred liters of water?

The principle of pressure relief by water is as old as the evolution of mammals. And nothing has changed. The first bed a human rests in is actually a water bed. Amniotic fluid protects us against shock and pressure caused by gravity.
Akva waterbeds A/S has been developing, producing and selling waterbed systems since 1981.

Today, a waterbed is a totally normal place to sleep for anybody, and according to surveys, customers are really satisfied.
There are many advantages to owning a waterbed over a normal spring mattress bed or a memory foam mattress bed. Once people experience owning a waterbed they very rarely go back to any other type of bed.

Water Beds

€1135.00 (Normal Price: €2610.00)
€849.00 (Normal Price: €1950.00)
€2598.00 (Normal Price: €6000.00)
€935.00 (Normal Price: €2150.00)
€849.00 (Normal Price: €2000.00)
€1362.00 (Normal Price: €3100.00)
€1349.00 (Normal Price: €3100.00)
€1509.00 (Normal Price: €3000.00)

Water Beds

Akva Waterbed has a various collection of Waterbed at Absolute Beds