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Ecus Spanish beds and mattress
ECUS Spanish bed and mattress manufacture Cocoon now available at Absolute Beds in Marbella Spain Ecus -

ECUS, the Spanish bed & mattress manufacture, is now available at Absolute Beds in Marbella Spain. Absolute Beds specializes in providing a wide selection of the highest quality beds and mattresses to their customers. The ECUS line is an excellent addition to their present inventory.

ECUS is a world renown manufacturer, known for its production of the highest quality mattresses and beds for both home and medical environments. Their excellent products take their place among the many other quality bedding options at Absolute Beds. When shopping for bedding needs for the home, it is helpful to be able to find everything needed in one place. Absolute Beds carries beds, mattresses of all types, headboards, storage bases and much more.

For those shopping for a pocket spring mattress, ECUS offers some excellent options with their Multispring line. These high quality mattresses are designed for superior comfort and longevity. Traditional spring mattresses are the best option for many mattress shoppers, and offer a feel that some sleepers prefer over foam.

For those who prefer a memory foam mattress, there are many options available at Absolute Beds in a variety of price ranges. For those who desire a more enveloping comfort, memory foam is often the best choice. Visco elastic, developed by NASA, offers a space age solution for sleepers who need extra support of softness. It conforms to the body, reducing pressure points and helping to relieve pain for those with arthritis and other medical ailments.

Latex mattresses are another option offered by ECUS. Sometimes preferred for crib mattresses, latex offers comfort and safety, with the convenience of being easily cleaned for those times when accidents happen. All sleepers deserve both comfort and reliability, even those who are too young to communicate their sleep needs.

Finding the right bed takes time, research and often someone to guide you to the right decision. Not only does the mattress matter, but the style of bed and the supports necessary for the mattress all work together to give a bedroom the feel needed to promote a good night's sleep. The helpful and friendly professionals at Absolute Beds are there to help customers put together the bedroom that works for them. Products are available in all colours and fabrics, so that each and every sleeper can find the best bed for them, in both comfort and style.

When shopping for beds and mattresses in Marbella, Spain, Absolute Beds is prepared to help you, with friendly sales consultants and an extensive line of beds and mattresses. This line now includes products manufactured by the Spanish company ECUS. High quality mattresses are worth the investment, and the heavy duty construction and top quality materials used by ECUS place their products among the best available. Sleep is essential to good health and maintaining a high quality of life. The right mattress can relieve pain, promote restful sleep and improve cognitive functioning. Quality bedding is an excellent investment both in durability and the increase in comfort that it will provide.

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Ecus Spanish beds and mattress